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Labor Analytics Reports

Compass Key can produce labor analytics reports to assist clients with broad site selection decisions.  Our process begins with determining the Standard Occupation Code (SOC) of the positions necessary for each project’s success. Compass Key can compare labor information nationwide, or at targeted regions, based on our client’s preference.    Compass Key collaborates with government entities and private labor statistic companies to obtain the latest labor data available.  The following are a sample of available analytic workforce data tools which may be utilized based on each client’s needs related to this study:


  • Jobs: Current year, historical, and 10-year projection for selected zip code, county, MSA, state or nation

  • Job Change: total change and % change

  • Regional, state, and national trends: including industry snapshot. 

  • Earnings: current and historic wages, supplements, and cost-of-living adjusted wages

  • Earnings: median, average hourly, percentile (10th, 25th, 75th, 90th) for current year

  • Demographics

  • Openings: Estimated employment change and turnover for an occupation for the selected timeframe

  • Education: education level for detailed occupations, regional completions/graduates, and institutional completions/graduates

  • Workforce availability 

  • Regional economic overview


We select the appropriate and useful data to craft an analysis based on each client’s project priorities.   Using labor and workforce data in conjunction with Compass Key’s own research and expertise, we draft a Labor Analytics report, which may help Client narrow down the optimal jurisdictions in broad site selection search.  

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