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Compass Key’s expertise in economic development, site selection, and business incentives is a result of our long-standing relationships with state and local government entities, strong communications skills, and ability to find unique solutions that satisfy companies and communities. By capitalizing on 30+ years of relevant business experience and our extensive network of relationships with economic development organizations, Compass Key can effectively utilize its expertise and insight to not only secure and maximize incentives for its clients but also perform the compliance for the incentives negotiated. Our strength is based on actual experience with many programs and agencies across the country. 

Site Selection Analysis

Compass Key offers expert advice and guidance on all Site Selection and Economic Development Incentive projects.  As some of the primary objective for a future site selection is both a reduction in total cost of operation, and availability of necessary workforce, we assist in regional and national location searches, managing the site information collection process, and provide detailed analysis based on our client’s top project objectives.  We can guide decision makers through the factor weighting process to accurately distill the organization’s true priorities to select economic and effective site finalists.

Economic Development Incentives Negotiation

We also can negotiate on our clients' behalf to secure the optimal economic development incentives package, that will maximize the monetizable value.  We understand the costs of program participation, and actual tax credit utilization, and can help companies secure incentive of tangible benefit to the project. 


Finally, we act as an extension of their internal teams when we perform incentives Compliance work. 

We work directly with the HR, Legal, Finance and other departments within the company to provide a seamless approach and timely submission of all required economic development compliance. 

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