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Economic Development Incentives Negotiation

Compass Key can assist clients with identifying potential incentive opportunities, quantifying the anticipated benefits, and negotiating and perfecting the State and local incentives for any potential expansion, consolidation or relocation across the United States.   Our Services include: 


1) Strategic Assessment of proposed locations, including researching and identifying relevant economic development incentives, initiating preliminary discussion with state and local officials, and providing estimated ranges of value for potential incentives packages. 

2) Negotiation of economic development incentives, including designing, developing and executing a negotiation strategy for finalist jurisdictions, drafting all relevant application and reports, and commencing in-person discussions with jurisdiction stakeholders. 

3) Implementation of Incentives Package, including finalizing any required documentation, attending planning sessions and public meetings with State and local agencies, obtaining final approval of the incentives package, reviewing and ensuring execution of incentive agreement. 


If your company is ready to begin an economic development incentives process, Compass Key's team can assist you to obtain optimal incentives value for your project. 

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