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About Our Company

Key insights about who we are and how we deliver.

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Site Selection Services

Compass Key Site Solutions provides comprehensive services to effectively manage site selection and economic development incentives awards - from initial site identification, through negotiation, and compliance. We work with companies during all stages of project development, assisting in strategic planning and budgeting, qualitative and quantitative location analysis, and available incentive negotiation. 

As a national practice, we effectively advocate for our clients across the country without jeopardizing their leverage. 


Once awarded, our team will train you and your colleagues to ensure full realization of the incentives’ value by identifying and, if requested, monitoring the future compliance requirements.

  • Nationwide Cost and Incentives Analysis
  • Incentives Negotiations and Executions
  • Compliance and Monetization of Awards

Expert Advisors

Compass Key considers goals and objectives of the real estate footprint change, we assist to define the search area, and prioritizing key location factors. Our team identifies solutions to close the fiscal gap and pain points between various locations, optimizing a company’s return on investment.

Negotiating economic development incentives requires complex mediations with various state, county, and local jurisdictions. Incentives are discretionary and not readily granted – state and local officials often require effective demonstration of cost/benefit or ROI analyses for the jurisdiction to award such incentives.

With over 30 years combined experience, our professionals will advise clients on the real, and monetizeable value of incentives awarded.  Some incentives compliance and monitoring costs may outweigh the benefit received.  Other programs award large numbers, but offer little value to a company, depending on the client's particular tax situation.  Compass Key looks at the totality of our clients' fiscal situation to obtain the most valuable incentives package.

  • Identify Goals and Objectives for Footprint Change
  • Analyses for Company and Jurisdiction
  • Negotiate Incentives of Real Value
Business Conference

Personal Attention

Compass Key professionals work closely with company stakeholders in all departments.  No handing off projects to inexperienced and unnamed associates.  Our Managing Directors find the solutions to fit your needs. 

Compass Key is proudly a Minority- and Women-Owned Business.

  • Hands-on Personal Service
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • 30+ Years Experience
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